Earn 50% Commission Profits by becoming our TOEFL Online Course Market Affiliate Partner Program

What is our TOEFL Online Course Marketing Affiliate program?
Affiliate Partners earn revenue while providing TOEFL students with unique and indispensable online learning through our Complete TOEFL iBT Online Course. If you would like to sell a TOEFL Online Course in your school or to students in your particular country and make significant sums of money, then become one of our Marketing Affiliates in your country to sell our TOEFL Online Course and earn 50% of the PROFITS!! That's right, you will earn 50% of the Course Price, simply by selling out TOEFL Online Course(s). We do all of the teaching of the TOEFL Online Course, you simply sell the course to students and reap 50% of the profits!!


How to become a TOEFL Online Course Marketing Affiliate Partner?


Our TOEFL iBT Online Course is found on the #1 Online Course platform, UDEMY (www.udemy.com).  The link to our online course: TIE, LLC TOEFL Online Course: https://www.udemy.com/toefl-ibt-online-preparation-course/


Here is how one individual signed up for our TOEFL Online Course as a Marketing Affiliate:


  1. 1.      It’s Easy to Start!


After I signed-up as a user at Udemy.com, I went to Udemy.com/affiliate to sign-up as an affiliate.

All I needed to enter was my PayPal email address where I would receive the affiliate commission payments. The affiliate sign-up request was reviewed soon after and accepted by the Udemy Team.

After I was approved, I accessed my Affiliate Dashboard at the same URL,Udemy.com/affiliate, and I started to share the courses included in the Udemy AMP. Every link I share includes my unique affiliate ID.

Read more on how to become a Udemy affiliate on the Udemy blog.

I started to share these great course offers with my family, friends, colleagues, and other contacts. I also shared Udemy offers with my social media contacts and I posted information on my website about it.

Udemy graciously lets you use the course texts, images and reviews to promote the affiliate courses on social media, your own website, etc.  The Udemy Blog & Udemy Newsletters will guide your first steps.

Later on I created a special section on my website just for Udemy courses and I bought the domain ContinuingEducation.Me to have my Udemy promotion be easily accesible.

2. You get a 50% commission!

You get 50% of any Udemy course you sell, being rewarded for new & returning customer sales!

When we started, Udemy affiliates were credited just for the specific sale they referred to their users. Later on, Udemy AMP gave affiliates more options for revenue. According to the Udemy Support Forum: “If you drive a new sign-up to Udemy, you will receive 50% of any purchase that person makes during the first 30 days they are on Udemy. If you send an existing Udemy user back to Udemy, you will receive 50% of any purchase that user makes during the next 24 hours! ” – Kristina Bjoran,  Community Manager

Udemy sends the PayPal payments to their affiliates at the beginning of each month for the approved sales made in the previous month. They are always on time and they include a nice “thank you”. 


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