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At T.I.E., we love teachers.  We ARE teachers and you can experience our toefl teaching course online or in-person .  We know your time and resources are valuable.  That’s why we offer dynamic toefl teacher training that imparts immediatelyteaching applicable information and strategies. T.I.E. is a national leader in research-proven staff development, teacher workshops, and continuing education for teachers nationwide who have a desire to teach international tests such as the TOEFL iBT or IELTS exams.. We have numerous trainers that work with us, and who each specialize in one or more areas of international education.  Each brings a passion for, and expertise in, their subject area.  They are professional, highly regarded in their respective fields, and masters at creating interactive, useful, and fun(!) training sessions.    All our strategies are research-proven, and our workshops are FUN!  Let’s discuss how we can help your teachers succeed! Simply contact us, tell us what kind of training your staff needs, and we’ll take care of the details!


TOEFL/IELTS preparation is commonly something that is separate from a student's academic life within the classroom. Whether students receive private tutoring, take a weekend course, or use a study guide, the test prep is typically done outside of school walls. Our teacher training and materials licensing program provides schools with the opportunity to incorporate test preparation into the classroom, giving schools and educational nonprofits the tools and resources necessary to set up in-house classes using their existing faculty, increasing their bottom line and meeting the needs of their students.


Our proprietary coaching system consists of five steps that we have found have been the keys to experiencing a true shift in a teacher’s practice.  Teachers will become energized as they learn to use the research-based strategies we help them to learn to use.  Certified staff who have experienced teacher coaching with us can then learn to coach other teachers – a cycle that implements true change in the school in which they teach. Our teacher mentoring system helps teachers get a great start – from the beginning.  Helping teachers get started right with teacher mentoring helps to foster a desire to stay in the field longer, thereby reducing costs by slowing teacher attrition. Contact us today to learn how we might assist you with our teacher coaching and teacher mentoring programs.


T.I.E. will assist you in setting up an in-school training course and provide continued support and additional training throughout the school year. T.I.E. has provided its professional development services to a number of well-respected educational institutions and organizations:

TOEFL iBT Teaching Program Components:



We offer site-based teacher professional development workshops worldwide covering such topics as -


·        Classroom management


·         Gifted strategies

·         6 Traits Writing training

·         Test-taking Strategies

·         Inquiry-Based Science

·         Vocabulary development for English learners as well as the mainstream

·         Strategies to teach English language learners International Testing

and more!


Contact us today to learn more about our services and to find out how you, too, can teach the TOEFL iBT


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