Please find below some student testimonials in written and video form regarding TOEFL Master Teacher Keino Campbell and his unique tactics and methodologies.

“Keino is a teacher not only training you with most useful tips for the TOEFL test, but coaching your mind set to be ready for the condition. I’m now on the way to be a lecturer in my country. The KEINO WAY for teaching was penetrated in part of my thoughts and will be revealed in part of my teaching future. Thank you Keino for the times in Houston. Your publication will be a gospel for anybody who are looking for high scores on TOEFL field.” (Huang YiChia-Taiwan)

“It is very easy to get the best scores on TOEFL test by using Keino's strategies. He gives all the knowledge that you need. Also, he is a great teacher and has the golden rules for the TOEFL. Trust him, perform his rules and get your score.” (Muhamad Gurburz Turkey)
“He is a wonderful teacher with extraordinary teaching skill and test taking strategies that i have ever had. I highly recommend you to take his TOEFL classes. His teaching method is perfect and clear. I am glad I have a TOEFL teacher like Keino.” (Fatma Eris Turkey)
“As an ESL instructor, I was initially intimidated by the thought of teaching a TOEFL preparation course, as I myself had never been a particularly good test taker. Under Keino's tutelage I found the tools to teach my students essential test-taking techniques that are applicable to any exam. Keino's approach is simple and easy to understand. Following his guidelines has bolstered my confidence in my own teaching abilities as well as helped me pass that confidence on to my students.” (Jennifer Townsend - United States)
“Keino is one the best TOEFL teachers in the US. He teaches what to do and what not to do about Toefl and how to use the time wisely. As you consider the importance of time management on the Toefl exam, you have to have a teacher who teaches the time strategies. Keino also gives you the tricks on the Toefl exam, which is very important for Toefl students...Due to these reasons, Keino is your best alternative.” (Cagatay Atmaca-Turkey)
“If you want to get the score you wish to be accepted in a university, you got take the TOEFL with Keino, he is the TOEFL super hero, I got 96 after two months studying with him, he has all the tips that help.” (Kawther Al-Basha –Saudi Arabia)
“Keino Campbell is a tremendous teacher. I recommend him 100%. I scored 101 after 2 months studying with him.” (Carlos Blanco – Venezuela)
“Learning TOEFL is so much fun; if only you could find the best teacher to do so, it's even much more fun! Keino not only teaches you clues and techniques to make TOEFL your favorite subject to learn, but he also uses ways and tactics in a fun, enjoyable way. My TOEFL classes with him were so much fun and I guarantee you, you'll be so much improved than you were before.” (Jevrin Alviando, Indonesia)
“I'm very thankful to Keino for teaching me TOEFL. I was afraid to take a real test but Keino helped me a lot. I could pass the test from the first time and I'm satisfied with my score. His class was great and it really improved my skills. Keino is your right choice of studying TOEFL.” (Margarita Kim- Kazakhstan)
“Dear all prospective TOEFL students, First, I am not a sycophant. The truth must be told!!! KEINO is your BEST choice.There are teachers and teachers and the majority just come and go like a season; however, Keino is the one that sticks in your soul for a great reason, and the reason is that as a student I learned not only TOEFL strategies, but also I learned how to succeed in everything I was seeking. Don´t worry about the TOEFL, you are going to succeed sooner or later, but what matters is how fast you can achieve your dreams that goes beyond any TOEFL barriers. This is the point that differentiates Keino from any other teacher; he knows exactly how to train you for what you really want. Under no circumstances will you regret!!! (Rodrigo S Maeda-Brazil).”
"He is the best TOEFL teacher I have ever seen. He shows hints for each part which helps to get good grades from TOEFL. I am thankful to him for getting me an admission from University as soon as possible." (Ayca KARACAY- Turkey)
" I still remember myself in the first TOEFL class. I set in the first row stressed and anxious from the TOEFL materials. But, right there were standing my teacher Keino, from the first time he encouraged me. I still can't forget him saying to me "don't quit". I am very thankful to him for being the best teacher, who can teach TOEFL ever." (Marwa Jakob, Israel)
“The course was an improvement of my English skills and taught me the proper strategies to succeed. Definitely a 5 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.” (Rashad Al ghamdi-Saudi Arabia)

Keino helped me raise my overall score from a 92 to a 108.
--Flavia, Spain
My score increased from a 75 to a 90. WOW!! The skills and strategies I learned from you, matched the test better than any other program!
--Jimin, South Korea
 I prepared very hard and as a result of you tutoring I was able to pull off a 110/120 ( R-26, L-28, S-27, W-29). Your tips and direction, especially, in the speaking and writing sections paid off big time!
Aadarshini, India
Thanks for the perfect essay evaluation you had done.  I scored a 25 on the essay portion of my exam. Just wanted to express how thankful I am for your essay evaluation services and tips!
-- Amjad, Pakistan

If you want to improve your English skills and TOEFL score, there is no one better than Keino. He is funny, smart, motivating and professional.  
Don’t wait any longer, email him today!!
--- Afra, Kuwait
 I tried a lot of TOEFL IBT preparation courses, but they were all a waste of money, until I found Keino and his magnificent tutoring services. Thanks Keino!!
Agoue, Gabon

I was really scared about taking the TOEFL exam because I had not really prepared. Keino was able to get me on track and ready in no time at all. I just got my scores and received a 89/120. It feels great to be able to attend the University of my choice.
Izabela, Spain

Goal achieved!! I scored a 92 on the TOEFL IBT thanks to your advice.
--Carlos, Argentina
 I just got back my TOEFL score and I got a score of 108 out of 120! Thanks for your superior knowledge and teaching Keino!!
Joaquin, Venezuela
 My son wanted to go to a top university in the USA. We knew he need a top TOEFL score to achieve his dreams. Thanks to you, he scored a 106 and now he will be attending Stanford University.
--- Julie Han, China
You made taking the TOEFL exam so easy. Thanks for teaching that organization was the key to getting a high score!!
Jimmy Chan, Taiwan
My TOEFL classes with Keino were perfect to prepare for the actual TOEFL test – I can give my total recommendation for attending his classes. He analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and his TOEFL classes improved my writing, speaking, reading and listening abilities a lot and raised my confidence to succeed the TOEFL test, which I in fact succeeded. Dana P.
 The course was a improvement of my English skills and taught me the proper strategies to succeed. Definitely a 5 on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.Eeman Al ghamdi

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