Cost of Group and Individual Courses

IELTS Group Class: The IELTS group class covers all 4 aspects of the IELTS exam over 30 hours and cost $950 for the class. All materials are included. Two full practice tests are given with this course.


—Start Dates: Frequent start dates which vary by location. See our 2013 our program below or contact your local TIE, LLC representative for further details.
—Course Length:   4-6 weeks (depending on scheduled test   date)
—Course Instructional Hours Total:  33 Hours (+ 9 Hours Practice Tests)
—Course Costs:   Depends on Course Length (including   materials and books)


—IELTS Long Course Small Group (33 instructional Hours):  $950
—Private 1 to 1 IELTS Course: Price Varies


—The Long IELTS course is 33 Hours of instruction and practice time and includes 3 ractice tests (9 hours). Course teaches students the high-score strategies for all 4 sections of the exam.

TOEFL Group Class:  The TOEFL iBT course covers a total of 33 hours of class time with an expert instructor. The course cost $1100, which includes all materials. The class will have no more than 8 students in a class.


—Course Details


—Course Length:   33 Hours of Instruction (+9 hours of 3 practice exams)
—Course Cost:  $1100
—Course Materials:  TOEFL Strategy and Tactics Guidebook
—  ETS TOEFL Official Guide
—  TIE, LLC Complete Online Course ($325   Value)
—  24 Official Practice Tests (Authentic)
—  Access to 100 Hours Of Taped TOEFL   Lectures
—  3 Graded Complete Exams
—Class Size:  4 -8 Students Per Class
—Course Location:  Denver/Houston Locations




Individual Tutoring: Individual Tutoring is often the best and most effective form of instruction for test taking as we are able to work on your individual weaknesses and strengths. The cost of individual tutoring is $40 Per Hour.

Online Classes: The cost of online classes is dependent upon rather its a Group Class or Individual Tutoring. If you have a group and would like a group price, please contact us and let us know how many are in your group. Individual Tutoring is $40 per hour.

IELTS Course Objectives
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TOEFL Course Objectives
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