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The Steve Biko Cultural Institute is a Non-Profit organization that provides educational services for non-privileged Brazilian students in Salvador Bahia Brazil. The Steve Biko Cultural Institute was founded on July 31, 1992 by a group of young Brazilian activists involved in the struggle against discriminaton. The idea for the institute came from the concern arising within underserved communities about the absence of these Brazilians in institutions of higher learning. These young people recognized the university as a space of power in which these students could engage critically with hegemonic knowledge structures as a means of ensuring a more equal and dignified space for their community within Brazilian society.


The issue being faced in Salvador Bahia is that many of the underserved student community university students do not have access to and/or cannot afford proper TOEFL iBT exam preparation training. As a result, they are not able to properly compete with other more well-off Brazilians and others who have access to this training. This has made for an uneven playing field in terms of advanced overseas university study and job prospects. TIE, LLC is donating for FREE its TOEFL iBT Complete Online Course to the SBCI to hopefully bring some equality in terms of this exam.


TIE, LLC and Steve Biko Cultural Institute are partnering to offer the TIE, LLC TOEFL iBT Complete Online Course to Steve Biko members for FREE as a charitable donation to this non-profit organization. This course normally costs $499, but is being offered for the Steve Biko Institute for FREE as a charitable donation. If you are a member of the Steve Biko Cultural Institute and would like to take our TOEFL iBT course please contact the institute at +55 71 8887 - 3479 or +55 71 3241-8708



If you would like to view this course that is now being offered for FREE as a charitable contribution to the Steve Biko Cultural Institute, you can view this at the following link:





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