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We just wanted you to be aware that TIE, LLC offers personal statement writing services for students who are applying to Masters and Doctoral programs. As you may know, the personal statement is one of the major elements that helps a program know whether they should accept you into the program. Most students don't realize the impact of personal statements and are unaware of the vast majority of applicants who get rejected due to poorly written or basic personal statement.
A personal statement is not just a restatement of you academic accomplishments as this becomes evident on your resume.
If you feel you are need of highly professional personal statement writing services, please let us know. We have very limited space as we can only handle a certain amount of personal statement writing.
We will provide you a questionnaire that will enable you to provide the information for us to write the personal statement on your behalf. That's right, you answer the questions and we write the personal statement. The better your answers to the questions, the better we can write a highly academic, creative, innovative personal statement.
If you are interested in this service, please review the attached document and send an email expressing your interest.

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