TIE, LLC and JELTA TOEFL Teacher Program!

TIE, LLC and JELTA have formed a Partnership to provide TOEFL iBT and iTEP teaching instruction for Japanese English Language teachers. There is no other program around that offers teachers the ability to learn how to teach both exams within a 2 or 4-week period, with specific emphasis on Speaking and Listening. At the end of this program, not only will the teachers have the ability to pass the iTEP and TOEFL, but also teach these exams effectively to Japanese students.


The Japanese government has decided to radically alter its ideology on English language learning in ways that will greatly impact university admission and government job acceptance. This plan will mandate that those students/worker must achieve threshold scores for the TOEFL iBT. This will transform the way languages are taught in Japan and to accomplish this goal, having Japanese English teachers proficient in TOEFL is an absolute must. If the teachers cannot teach this effectively, then the students certainly will not acquire passing scores. 


This program will focus on providing Japanese teachers with the ability to pass and teach the TOEFL iBT and ITEP exams. A special emphasis will be placed on exponentially increase the Speaking and Listening ability of Japanese teachers. Speaking and Listening are the two weakest areas for Japanese teachers and we will provide laser-like focus on these two areas in addition to ensuring they can excel with Writing and Reading for both exams. Along with the exam preparation, we will deeply work on increasing their Western communication style and ability. When teachers complete their 4-week program, they will be have the following abilities:


  • Teaching the TOEFL iBT to Japanese Students
  • Teaching the ITEP to Japanese Students
  • Ability to Achieve Passing TOEFL Score
  • Ability to Achieve Passing ITEP Score
  • Increased Speaking Ability (Fluency and Coherence)
  • Increased Listening Ability (Understanding Native Speakers)




Course Goals and Teacher Accomplishment from Course

1.The skills and strategies learned in the course will be an exact match for the strategies they need to teach Japanese students for their university admission exams.

2.The entire course takes advanced English concepts and explains them in simple and practical ways they a non-English student can understand easily.

3.These TOEFL/ITEP strategies and tactics can be immediately used when the teacher returns to the classroom.

4.Many teachers are able to gain higher salaries and promotions after completing our course and receiving our certification.

5.All lessons are geared towards being able to apply them to the Japanese government university admission test and government job processes.

6.Learn the TOEFL/ITEP vocabulary that frequently appears on the exam, which means higher scores for students and teachers.

7.Learn the patterns of the Reading Comprehension Passage. Knowing these patterns is the secret weapon that students use to be efficient and score super high scores.

8.Learn the Western style of communication that is necessary for high scores and be able to teach this Western style of communication to students.

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